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Needle Roller Standard

Author:PS Bearings/ Date:2012-03-13 22:46:11
Needle Roller is very important part for Needle Roller Bearings, Track Rollers and One Way Clutches. Their performance will influence the bearings much. However, we need a standard to control the quality. Roughness, Roundness and Sorting are the most important three factors. Please check the details PS Bearings collecting for you as follows:


Usually it is GCr15. Some special application will select 440C stainless steel. 


61~65 HRC


Roughness must be no larger than 0.2 um. Superfinished needle roller roughness will be smaller than 0.1 um, some perfect will be smaller than 0.8 um.



Sorting means the diameter difference in one lot of needle roller. There are G2, G3 and G5 sorting usually. G2 and G3 is more common. However, customers will need 100% G2 sorting needle roller in some special case, we call them “Size Classification”.



G2 Sorting: No larger than 1 um

G2 Sorting: No larger than 1.5 um

G5 Sorting: No larger than 2.5 um


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