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2012 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition

Author:PS Bearings/ Date:2012-07-09 22:58:15
2012 China International Bearing Industry Exhibition is from 20th~23rd September 2012 in Shanghai.This is the Chinese biggest bearing and its components exhibition. You will find almost all kinds of bearings and relative products as follows:


◆Standard Bearings

1、Deep Groove Ball Bearings
2、Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearings
3、Thrust Ball Bearing
4、Self-Aligning Ball Bearings
5、Angular Contact Ball Bearings
6、Four Point Contact Ball Bearings
7、Ball Bearings With Spherical Outside Surface
8、Cylindrical Roller Bearings
9、Double Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings
10、Four Row Cylindrical Roller Bearings
11、Cylindrical Roller Thrust Bearings
12、Needle Bearings

13、Ball and needle Combination Bearings
14、Ball and roller Combination Bearings
15、Spherical Roller Bearings
16、Spherical Roller Thrust Bearings
17、Tapered Roller Bearings
18、Inch System Taper Roller Bearings
19、Double Row Tapered Roller Bearings
20、Four Row Tap
ered Roller Bearings


◆Special Bearings

1、Water Pump Bearings 
2、Clutch Bearings
3、Ball Screws 
4、Slewing Bearings
5、Constant Velocity Joint Assembly
6、Linear motion bearing 
7、Spindle and Assembly
8、Wheel Hub Bearings Unit
9、Linear Motion Drive Elements/System 
10、Wind Power Generator Bearings


◆Particular Bearings

1、Air Journal Bearings 
2、Self-Lubricating Bearings
3、Electrical Insulation Bearings
4、Power Magnetic Bearings 
5、Hydrodynamic Journal Bearings
6、Plastic Bearings 
7、Ceramic Bearings 
8、Spherical Plain Bearings
9、Bearings with various Demands


◆Bearings Components

1、Bearing Rings
2、Steel Balls
4、Roller Bearings Accessories
5、Ceramic Balls 
7、Bearing Shields 
8、Bearing Housing
9、Ceramic Cylindrical Roller
10、Needle Rollers 


◆Chemical Product and Bearing Grease

2、Anti-Rust Additive
3、Quenching Agent 
4、Anti-rust Materials
5、Cutting Detergents
6、Various Additives



◆CNC Lathe(or Line)

1、 CNC-lathe
2、 Special-lathe 
3、Automated Turning line for Bearing Ring
4、Large CNC Vertical Lathe


◆Grinder & Super-finishing Machine(Or Line)

1、Grinder for Bearing Ring 
2、Grinding Super-finishing machine for rollers
3、Grinding Super-finishing machine for Groove
4、Equipments for Steel Balls 
5、Super-finishing Machine for Flat and Spherical surface


◆Metal Forming Machine

1、Metal forming Equipment for Bearing Blank
2、Hot Rolling Machine 
3、Cold Rolling Machine
4、Combination Header
5、Cold Heading Machine


◆Heat Treatment and Surface Treatment

1、Heat Treatment Equipment(Line) 
2、Polishing& Burnishing Machine 
3、Surface Treatment Equipment 
4、Spray Painting Equipment


◆Inspection, Measuring, Gauging and
Testing Equipment

1、Various Bearing Character testing Equipment
2、Inspection, Measuring, Gauging Instrument
3、Bench Test Equipment 
4、Surface Topography Instrument 
5、Metallographic Examination facility 
6、Physical and chemical analysis instruments


◆Other Machine Tool Auxiliary Equipment

1、Full Automatic Assembly Line Bearing and Related Accessories
2、Lubrication System
3、Marking Equipment
4、Machine Tool Accessories
5、CNC Systems
6、Cooling System 
7、Line Device 
8、Hydraulic Products and Systems 
9、Pneumatic Products and Systems 
10、Cleaning System 
11、Filtration and Purification Equipment


◆Abrasive Product

1、Grinding Wheel and Whetstone 
2、Abrasive Belt

3、Diamond Roller 
4、Abrasive Powder and Factice


◆Cutting Tool, Work-Holding Device & Related Product

2、Mechanical and Hand Tools 
3、Forming Tools
4、Stainless Steel Cutting Tools



◆Information, Consultation, Service

3、University / Academies

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